Welcome to Sacred Oak Shamanism.

Jo Badger is an experienced, professionally qualified shamanic practitioner. Jo offers shamanic soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, extraction, effigy work, psychopomp, divination, aura cleansing, remote healing, shamanic counselling and integration work.

Jo works over a three day period as follows.....On the day prior to your visit Jo goes for a walk in nature and spirit-led preparatory work required is done. Your healing miracle through spirit occurs at the two hour session you have within sacred space with Jo.
Jo will give you help with integrating the healing miracle.
Jo may use drums, rattles, percussion, voice and chant during your healing. You are welcome to bring friends and family with you for your appointment. It is traditional in tribal cultures for the whole village to attend healing work and so Jo encourages community in the healing process.
On day three after your visit Jo will carry out any further work required to complete the process.
Prior to healing you are advised to abstain from alcohol and drink water for a few days before and after to help clear and relax your system.

Jo offers regular, ongoing shamanic healing circles in nature in the Oxfordshire area together with group work, moon healing circles, drumming circles and meditation practice. 

For more information please feel free to see Jo's Facebook pages Sacred Oak Shamanism, Drumming Groups in the UK and Shamanic Groups in the UK.

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